Tuesday, August 25, 2009

17 weeks of anticipation COMMENCE

It's finally approaching: what some Americans consider the culmination of a year. Revisiting last years foes for another race to the top..hopefully striking out any shortcomings that prevailed from seasons previous.

This overwealming feeling comes natural to some. The type of feeling you were raised recognizing and absorbing from your predecessors who try and mold their descendants to a conformity, based upon a groups ability to woe a close following through physicality and strategy all leading to a common goal. I mean this in no negative way. There is no other legacy I've learned that I'd rather preserve more than my love for American Football, even more particularly, the Redskins.

According to my father's mother my first words spoken happened to be "go skins."
Apparently, even as an infant, I decided to associate myself with a commitment that would only grow into an enthusiasm unmatched by most everyday common adventures. If you've never experienced this feeling, you probably never will. It's an incomprehensible state of mind. And that is exactly what I will refer to it as, a state of mind. It's something that has ingrained itself into our natural culture. Almost as if they picked one day a week, for a little less than half of the year to engulf viewers, like myself, into actionpacked, or possibly actionless, chaos. Organized chaos. Being part of the biggest rivalry in our National Football League also plays a huge role in dedication. If you were raised to love the Redskins, you were raised to HATE the Cowboys. Whether you like it or not, whether it is subconcious or not, it is not a choice for most, it is a fact of life. Now how is this possible for something so 'insignificant' as a game, much less, a male-ego crowded enterprise? It's an emotion controlling amusement that I cannot get over, however hard i've tried, or not tried, actually. You think that is bewildering?

A live endeavor, much more effective. Especially after you get a few good fans to collide with a few good beers, and some great food, GAME OVER. Game ON, more like it. This is where the word FAN comes into play.

an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity

Devotee-couldn't have used a better word for describing what FAN means, atleast to me, even though I would consider devotion more of a fanatic attribute.

There are different types of fans, as we're all aware of. In one area fan loyalty can be threatened by team actions. This is what we consider a fairweather fan. These fairweather fans don't have this 'state of mind' aforementioned. The event is considered more of a game accepted as less meaningful than your loyal or diehard fan. These people will sport merchandise only when the team is doing well, and generally have a small knowledge of their team or what is going on. You've got your diehard fans, who will literally bleed for their passion. These are most of the people who plan their day around an event, and make generally have a vast knowledge of their team and players. They continue support for their chosen team NO MATTER WHAT, and keep an unbiased outlook, along with the ability to constructively critisize their team's weakpoints, as well as point out their strong ones. Then you've got your homer fan. This is the often obnoxious, rude, annoying guy yelling in your ear about how his team is #1, regardless of ranking or performance. This type of fan generally cannot admit defeat or superiority of another team.
Bandwagon..i'm not even getting into...

Whether you're a diehard loyal trooper, or a fairweather pushover, we all share a similar affection for a specific group, even if the level of affection is greatly varied or not. So, starting out 1-1 in preseason, and no record in the regular season yet, all I have to say is keep it rational, have fun, and HTTR!

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